Seasoned Professionals

The SensusQ team come from a diverse range of backgrounds from military command and policing to software development and cyber security.

Professional led but development focused; the team draws on the history that they share with customers and their experiences in sales ranging from single contracts to large tenders, forming a software house uniquely positioned to deeply understand customer problems, and deliver solutions that work for customers in their world.

The SensusQ Difference

SensusQ understands that many customers do not want a reinvention of the wheel, mature organisations have established systems and process that work for them in their environment. However, as technology evolves with smart sensors, devices, automation, this environment produces ever expanding volumes of information.

The SensusQ team understands that while customers need to use all their data to be competitive, they don’t want to reorganise their entire organisation to achieve this goal. We work within these constraints to provide solutions that respect their environment and deliver results.

Our desire is to build data intelligence systems that do not require vast amounts of initial data to be effective but mature overtime as data sources and volumes increase.

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