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Decision making challenges in military, police, and law enforcement - defining the problem

Sun Sep 12 2021

We live in the age of technology and information. We have more devices, processing power, data, ways and means than ever before to process and analyse data, but decision making often still fails in critical moments due to a lack of context of the situation and environment in which we operate.

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SensusQ operations update 2021

Tue Sep 07 2021

SensusQ is pleased to provide its operations update for 2021. Key achievements include further cooperation with GDMS and an exercise with the British forces deployed in Estonia (OPCABRIT).

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Operations update 2021
Information differences

Information Advantage, Operations, Activities, Information everything – what’s the difference

Mon Jan 14 2022

In this article we explore the development of doctrines surrounding Information Advantage & Information operations. Exploring how these doctrines work with new technologies and human processes and how this impacts development at SensusQ.

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From disinformation and ‘doomscrolling’ to intelligence collection

Tue Mar 15 2022

In this article we explore how Information Operations achieve Information Advantage and secure Information Dominance. Also examining how new technologies are required to fully exploit multi-source intelligence flows in real time operations.

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Disinformation to doomscrolling to intelligence collection
OSINT in Russian invasion of Ukraine

OSINT in the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Wed Apr 13 2022

In this article we explore social media on the battlefield and look at how social media is impacting OSINT operations. We also look at how in a conflict, governments address the threat of social media platforms owned by foreign governments who may not share common interests with the population of their users.

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SensusQ UAV analysis on the Lastochka drone

Tue Jul 28 2022

Analysis of the Lastochka-M UAV captured by Ukrainian forces on July 21, 2022 reveals interesting details of its operational capabilities and how it may be deployed in tandem with much larger Inohodech UAVs. The Lastochka is a relatively new UAV intended for reconnaissance but can be fitted with light armaments and operate in groups.

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Lastochka drone
OSINT in Russian invasion of Ukraine

SensusQ UAV analysis on the Orlan-20

Mon Sep 05 2022

Analysis of an unnamed UAV that has been sighted since 2014. The UAV has been dubbed the Orlan-20 due to its similarity to the Orlan-10. Forensic analysis of several captured units has revealed intriguing details that give insight into Russian military research and development.

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